Official Web site of Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Conservation Operations Reporting Enterprise System
COORSConservation Officers Operations Reporting (COORS) Site (Restricted)
Site for various operation reporting for the different CEO divisions (MP, MR, WFFLE, etc.)
CORONAConservation Operations Reporting On Numerous Activities (CORONA) Site (Restricted)
Site for various operation reporting for Employees in different sections/divisions(Admin, Lands, WFF, etc.)
SATSubsistence, Accounting, and Travel (CORES-SAT) Site (Restricted)
Site for Accounting and Personnel Sections for Subsistence Claims and Vehicle Costs, Travel Vouchers, and initate Disaster Events.
Individual Travel Trips are entered in either COORS OR CORONA.
CEO Support Staff Reports (CSSR) Site (Restricted)
Site for Enforcement Staff Users to create reports on all officers within their area

CEO On-Duty Schedule (CODS) Site (Restricted)
Site searches all officers on call and update current officer status
Fleet Maintenance (CORES-FM) Site (Restricted)
Site maintains vehicles/vessels within their area of control
Marine Accident Reports System (MARS) Site (Restricted)
Site reports on Marine Boat Accidents for reporting to USCG or give public access to restricted PDFs
Site trains officers on MARS Training Use Only MARS Training Site (Restricted) Site
Electronic Licenses Status (EELS) Site (Restricted)
Site for officers to check the current status of license starting license year 2012 or any lifetime licenses

Marine Police Citations Entry/Search (COORS-SE) Site (Restricted)
Site searches and enters citations for Marine Police (Pre E-Citations)